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Satisfaction Guarantee

Over 8 million people have flown with iFLY - many of them for the first time. Some are understandably a little nervous beforehand, but the great news is that just about everyone who tries it, loves it!

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will have a great first flight experience. If you don’t think the flight experience is great, we will offer to fly you again on the same package, free of charge, within 7 days subject to availability.

How it works

We don’t really like rules at iFLY, but in support of our guarantee there are just a couple of things to point out.
  • ‘Great’ means we did everything we reasonably could have done to make sure you had a great first experience.
  • In the event that you feel your flight experience was not great, you can make a claim for a free flight on another date within 7 days, as follows
    • Indicate to the customer service team immediately after your flight and before leaving the centre, that you did not think the experience was great and the reason for this.
    • If we can re-book you straight away we will do so before you leave.
    • If we can’t do this on the spot, a member of the team will contact you post flight,within 24 hours, to find an alternative time slot within 7 days
  • Please note that the free flight is not transferable to another flyer and we’re under no obligation to extend the 7 day window.

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